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Elite Goalie IQ Course

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Ready to improve your goalie IQ like never before?  This course is taught by 8 year Professional Goalie CJ Motte who has played over 250 Pro games in the AHL, ECHL, and European Leagues.  Using his own game film, he will show you how Pro goalies read rushes, anticipate plays during penalty kills and introduce you to goalie IQ skills that most goalies are not exposed to. Pro Goalies have the physical skills to make saves but they also think, anticipate, read and react at the highest level. Separate yourself from all the other goalies by elevating your Goalie IQ to a whole new level. This course will help you: - Read plays faster - Understand proper depth in all situations - Introduce you to and explain Soft Focus - Talk crease movement efficiency - Control rebounds and identify where to put them - Anticipate face-off reads and plays - Read penalty kills - Talk about a Save vs a Controlled Save - And more...    This Course is ever evolving and is a Life Time Membership.  New sections will be added routinely. New videos will be added to expand on areas already covered and new sections will be created once new techniques, topics or goalie theories are discovered.  Dominate this season by elevating your game through the Elite Goalie IQ Course.

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