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Elevation Packet

Elevate Your Game To a New Level

I have developed these sheets to help every goalie at any age/level better understand and self evaluate their game. From my early youth hockey in Port Huron to the Professional ranks (currently on my 6th season), I found that I was my best goalie coach. I am the one that knows what I see, how I feel, and what are both my strengths and weaknesses. By self-identifying weaknesses earlier, I was able to work on them more often and turn them into strengths. This helped me reach my goals of playing Junior, College, and Professional hockey! This Elevation Packet will help you do the same.




Purchasing the Elevation Packet will help you with Goal Setting, Self Evaluating every game, and keeping actual and useful stats like Rebound Efficiency -- you won't get this anywhere else. The Elevation Packet will help you better understand your game and the more you understand your game, the quicker you can improve weaknesses and sharpen strengths to make yourself an elite goalie and achieve your goals.

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Our 4 sheet Elevation Packet includes:
1) Goal Setting 
2)  Save Percent & Goal Against Average
3) Goals By Location
4) Rebound Efficiency  

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1) Goal Setting

The Goal Setting sheet will help you set goals for your season and long term. After Setting your goals, I recommend printing them out and putting them somewhere you can see them every day to help hold yourself accountable to them!

(Sheet is a Fillable  PDF so you can fill it in on your computer)

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Save % & GGA.jpg

2) Save Percent & Goal Against Average

Both Save Percent and Goal Against Average are the two most common goalie stats coaches and scouts follow. Many of the Youth and even some Junior League stats tend to be unreliable. So start today keeping your own stats! This sheet in our Elevation Packet will help you keep track of game and season Save Percent & Goal Against Average so you can have accurate stats to share with any coaches or scouts.*  

3) Goals By Location

Goal by location blur.jpg

The next sheet in our Elevation Packet will track what part of the net goals are scored.  Goals are tracked in two different ways - first by the total goals in an area and then by the percent of goals scored in that same area.  By tracking where the goals are scored, you can understand where weaknesses may exist and adjust your game, practices and training accordingly. 

4) Rebound Efficiency

How well do you control your rebounds?  This Elevation Packet sheet will score your rebound control for each game and the entire season.  Each rebound is rated on a numerical scale (the worse the rebound the higher the rating). Elite goalies have great rebound control.  See how close or far you are from having elite rebound control with this sheet today!*

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- Individual sheets available on products page 

*We recommend watching game video while filling in some of the Elevation Packet sheets for accuracy of your data.

Get Everything Today at our SALE PRICE of  $19.99!      $50.00 Value

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