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Recording Video

If you are recording your own video and do not have access to a team feed please follow these guidelines for the best and most accurate analysis and video breakdown.  We recommend one of the following camera angles--either stabilizing your recording device behind the goalie or from a side view in the stands (examples below). Recommendation one-the best video angle- is behind the goalie and uses a fixed camera (tripod or suction device) behind the net high enough to see over the goalie and to see the entire defensive zone.  A small portion of the corners may be cut off but that is ok from this view.  We highly recommend you use this angle because it gives the best video for data collection as well as seeing the smaller details to review coachable moments. Recommendation two uses a side view of the zone where the stabilized video camera/device is high enough in the stands to see the entire zone and the goalie at the same time.  If the entire zone is visible in the video other camera angles will work and may be used.  For the recording device we highly recommend an action camera or video camera but a tablet, phone, or any other device that records video in a MP4 format while fitting the whole zone in the frame will also work.

Action camera with suction attachment example.


Tri Pod Example


Angle Recommendation One

(Best Angle)

Full Ice from back_edited_edited.jpg

We highly recommend this behind the net angle for the best video breakdown. This is  because it gives a great view to evaluate and break down the goalies foot work, depth, angle, and positioning with detail. A stabilized action camera or device that has an attachment that can suction is to the glass works great for this option.

Angle Recommendation Two

Full ice side_edited.jpg

   This angle will also work to evaluate and coach a goalie. This angle needs to have the whole zone from blue line to the back boards in the picture to evaluate a goalie properly. A stabilized action camera, tablet, phone, or video camera will work to record from this angle.

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