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Uploading your video and booking your
1 on 1 meeting video Tutorial 


Written Directions on how to upload Video and Book a Meeting


Step 1 -  Become a Member (FREE to sign up)

- You must be a member to upload your video to our file sharing app
- In the Top left corner clip the icon and you can set up your membership or continue to uploading your video       directions and it will prompt you to sign up.
- Email and password is all that is required.

Step 2  - Book Meeting

- Head to the "Book Meeting" Tab to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with one of our Elevate Goaltending Coaching
- Clip "Book My Meeting" on the page.
- Pick a Date & Time that works for you.

  •  You can also pick a specific coach if you have one you wanted to work with 

- Fill Out Email/Payment Information.
- Meeting will be held through Zoom.

Step 3 -  Upload Video
- Please have your game clips file saved as "Last Name/Date/opponent"
- You will need to be a member to upload your video to the file sharing folder. It's FREE all that is required is an     email and password. 
- Head to the "Upload Video" Tab and scroll down to find the Goalie Game Clips Folder.
- Clip and open "Goalie Game Clips" Folder.
- Clip the Black "File +" Button in the top right part of the file sharing part of the screen.
- Find the file on your computer and click open. 


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