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The Video Break Down

After we receive your game video, our first step is to clip the entire game into three categories:  Shots Against, Goals Against and Goalie Handles (goalie playing the puck).  This is so you can go back and re-watch your game in a condensed version focused only on your play. This is considered Video File 1 in our Elevate Goaltending Breakdown Packages. Elevate Goaltending Video File 2 contains Coaching Moments and Goals Against. Included with these categories is a coach breaking down the video for you with drawings, diagrams, and voice over to give you a clear understand of what parts of your game to work on/refine. We will also include clips of positive play/angles/reads to re-enforce proper techniques.  Examples of some of the things we focus on are skating, proper angles, depth, and reading different situations on the ice.

Step 1

Send us your video.

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Step 2

Depending on your package we will breakdown your video into Video File 1 (Shots, Goals, Goalie Handles).

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Step 3

If your package includes coachable moments and positive plays we will create Video File 2. This includes a coach's voice over and diagrams/drawings so you can best understand what parts of your game you excel at and can improve on.

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Step 4

Files that may be returned depending on package are:

  • Video File 1 of Shots Against, Goals, Goalie Handles

  • Video File 2 of Coaching Moments

  • PDF of Analysis Sheet 

-Package A Full Breakdown Package

Includes Video File 1, Video File 2, and

Analytic sheet

-Package D Video Breakdown Only

Will include Video File 1 

-Package C Video Breakdown and Coaching Moments

Will include both video files 1 and 2 on your game broken down and the coaching moment video.

Check out Recording Video tab or click our Recording Video Button to check our recommendations for the best way to record your video.

The Video Process Example

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